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50% of all sales reps are not reaching quota. At the same time the sales process is rapidly changing requiring an entirely new set of skills. Sales people are under huge pressure and it’s increasing. In most countries of the world sales people gets fired if they not reach quota.

Sales Scenario is helping sales people win more deals, keep their jobs and relieve gut pain.

I've been a sales rep myself and I cannot count the mornings I woke up with worries not meeting my sales goal. If I wouldn't, I would likely be laid off from my job.

Somehow, my career developed to be an experienced sales expert myself and now I would like to pay back. I created a Sales Process Blog some years ago (now readers from over 100 countries), but soon I realized it contained only my own perspectives. So I reached out to other sales experts.

The first phase of my project, Sales Scenario, is a Blog Radio that is free to use and filled with inspirational podcasts about sales tips and advice from famous sales experts. I've so far signed about twenty famous "sales gurus" and plan to expand the number of experts to thousands to provide podcasts. The experts love to contribute because they often have an honest passion to help (like doctors), but also since Sales Scenario is:

  • a brand new marketing channel for them, generating fresh leads, with a link to their own blogs, home page or LinkedIn profiles

  • building their personal brand as an expert

  • in the long run generate income streams they didn’t have had before, utilizing free time slots of their very busy schedules

The Blog Radio is available on all platforms, including iPhones, Androids, iPads, tablets and desktops. Please check it out at http://blogradio.salesscenario.com.

The First phase is to establish the cloud-based service and recruit a few initial world leading sales experts to create initial content. This phase is intended to build the base for growth. Including a few highly skilled and well-known experts will be the foundation for recruiting the great volume of experts needed for growth.

The purpose of the Second phase is to utilize the few initial experts to make it possible to automate recruitment of the large mass of new experts. The goal in this phase is to let the initial experts recommend colleagues and business allies to be on Sales Scenario for their marketing purposes. To be able to manage large volumes of experts, we need to automate the expert application process, so here’s needed for development of new functionality: “Expert Application Module”.

The Third phase is focusing on creating audience, to recruit users who experience a value listening to the sales tips and advice in audio format. Users will find it valuable because of:

  • it will help them to get practical sales tips usable in their daily work, for zero cost

  • it’s more convenient to listen to short podcasts than to read blog posts, and can be done between meetings, while driving the car etc

The Fourth phasefocus is to increase the probability to win the sales rep’s business deals, providing exclusively, anonymous and personal help from the world’s most well-known sales experts, as well as new revenue streams to these experts utilizing un-booked time slots in their tight schedules and highly qualified leads, by subscribing to a monthly paid cloud-based service.

Sales mentoring and inspiration, as well as building the expert’s personal brand, are in some extent available also in places like LinkedIn discussion groups. However, there are over 30,000 groups discussing sales and the questions and comments are often too general to really help. Furthermore, they are public or semi-public (closed groups only for members), which is razing the sales rep’s willingness to submit sensitive business information about his sales deal to the expert. This type of detailed information is often a prerequisite for the expert being able to help.

Sales Scenario will provide a possibility to privately discuss the sales rep’s sales case deeply and in detail with a well-known and extremely experienced sales expert for a very low monthly fee, paid solely by the sales rep himself (since there’s often no company budget for the rep to use and it’s anticipated he should be achieving his quota without any help from external sources anyhow).

Sincerely, Stefan Johansson
CEO & Founder


While this in some extent is a pay-back project (that’s why I’m doing it, why my passion is included), I of course have the focus on monetizing in this. The combination of the experts’ huge networks and the large amount of salesmen around the world, their real gut pain and pressure to achieve quota and not being fired, makes the Sales Scenario project an exciting investment with extremely high potential.

The investment required to establish the Phase 3 version is about 600 tSEK. Our proposal is 30% of the company with:

  1. first exit option at 24 months with a return on investment of 6 times

  2. second exit option at 36 months with a return on investment of 18 times

So far, all funding comes from the CEO and Founder, Stefan Johansson. Sales Scenario is open for investments. A first funding round is planned during 2017. If you are interested in investing in Sales Scenario, please contact CEO and Founder:

Stefan Johansson, +46 703 78 44 70, stefan.johansson@salesscenario.com


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