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This is my Pay-Back Project.

50% of all sales reps are not reaching quota. At the same time Sales is rapidly changing when buyers turn to their personal contacts or already available information on the internet before they get in contact with a sales rep. 

I've been a sales rep myself and I cannot count the mornings I woke up with worries not meeting my sales goal. If I wouldn't, I would likely be laid off from my job. SALES SCENARIO is trying to help sales people to win more deals, keep their jobs and relieve gut pain by publishing inspirational podcast about sales from the best sales experts on the planet.

With your help we will continue to make this to be the best place for sales inspiration in the world.

Thank you so much for your support! It's awesome to have you as our fans.

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Sales Scenario

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Helping Sales People Win More Deals

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Inspirational sales podcasts from the world most famous sales experts.

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